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Featured News

Featured News

Do you own a smartphone? That question sounds rhetorical nowadays – it seems like everyone has a smartphone. How about a tablet – do you use one of those? Even if you don’t, I’m sure you know people who do. What this means is there are other popular ways besides the desktop to access the web. [...]

That’s the same question a potential customer would ask. No website – how come? If you’re a local business and your fall into this category, then you may want to consider getting one.

106 Million People in the United State Own a Smartphone. Because of the people owning smartphones in the U.S. is constantly growing, making sure your website is optimized for mobile browsers is a priority.  This will place your business right in line with were consumers are. The usage of smartphones is growing at an astonishing [...]

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About tUo

About targetUonline

We, at targetUonline, are a full service digital marketing, design and development company. Whether through our custom web or mobile applications or through our innovative marketing campaigns, we strive to connect you to where your audience lives, works & plays.

Get Connected! We specialize in helping people and businesses join the conversation that’s occurs in the billions every day in the digital world we live in. We do this by tapping into communities large and small and developing applications to connect people to each other and to a wide range of content.

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I’ve worked the targeUonline ongoing for almost 4yrs now.  They‘ve designed 2 websites for my companies, both with custom designed ecommerce & CMS capabilities. Also over this time period they have done all of our online marketing. Great service! Goes the extra mile to deliver. And, they understand the nuances of my businesses!Jari LoveGet RIPPED! Inc
I love my new site. Already paying dividends! Looking forward to working with you guys through the remainder of the year. Again, great work!Mark ChauppettaOn The Mark PI - Private Investigations
TARGET U ONLINE has been the one company BLACKLIST UNION has dealt with that has come thru with flying colors and surpassed our expectations. They do what they say & mean what they say. They are truly one of the few companies that deliver 100%!!TonyWestBLACKLIST UNION
I have been working with targetUonline for over 5 years, as they helped my tanning salon, Electric Tan puts its first website together.  They are very professional, and their attention to detail is beyond words. I have just had them update my website to be compatible with today’s technology, and all I can say is AMAZING. The end result is was way beyond what I would have thought it to be. I have had nothing but compliments on the…Lori ArmstrongElectric Tan
targetUonline is not only a cutting-edge web development company, they are a state-of-the-art social media marketing company thoroughly entrenched in the dynamics of pop-culture. Thus, providing my clients a strategic advantage in the highly coveted entertainment marketplace. They do a lot of the non-traditional things spectacularly without neglecting the basics. They take the time to determine me and my client’s needs and objectives and see…Steve CurlissCurliss Entertainment
Needed a website real quick.  This is not my expertise. They custom designed both a logo & website that was operational in about 1 day.   Helped me tremendously! Thanks guys!Sam LierraHard Core X Fitness

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